Temper-Sure is a brand new product that measures temperature, has facial recognition qualities, and can detect if an individual is wearing a facemask or not.

The open source software architecture means that it may also be attached to an automatic door to allow or prevent admission, depending on individual scan results.

How It Works


Out of the Box:

Right out of the box, Temper-Sure thermal camera requires very little setup and no professional installation to operate as a stand-alone unit. It can be easily programmed to monitor:

  • Body Temp. ID
  • Facial Recognition
  • Mask Detection

Comes with wall mount and pipe mount. Or, the camera can be easily mounted to desktop and/or full height tripods. 



Your thermal cameras operate as individual stand-alone units right out of the box, or as numerous units connected in custom fashion. They can work 100% independent of a computer device or they may be easily integrated into your existing access/security network via the included cable bundle.

Camera settings can be easily controlled from a web browser pointed to a secure Temper-Sure camera IP/web address.

Basic Installation vs. Advanced Options


Basic - self set up:

  • Body Temperature ID
  • Facial Recognition
  • Mask Detection


Using your security team:

With proper internet support, Temper-Sure can securely connect with your existing access and/or security system. Camera data can be compiled in databases for numerous statistical purposes.

No in-house tech support? Use a timer-sure approved contractor:

Temper-sure has forged strong relationships with hundreds of high-tech installation experts all across the U.S. Choosing this option gives you instant access to world-class, customized installation. 

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